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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Settled?

Settled helps you to take control of selling your property without the need for an expensive high street estate agent. With the exception of carrying out viewings, Settled provides all of the services you might expect from a traditional agent, but with a big difference - you are in complete control and our average customer saves over £4,500 in fees. 

You can arrange viewings, edit photos, change your asking price and accept offers 24/7. On top of that, our dedicated team of experts are here to help and support you every step of the way through to completion. 

How is it different from estate agents?

With the exception of carrying out viewings, Settled provides all of the services you might expect from a traditional agent, but with a big difference - you are in control and our average customer saves over £4,500!

How does it work?

First you need to sign up and provide some details about your property. Once you have done this we will organise for someone to come out to your home to take professional photos, create a floorplan and also create an energy performance certificate (unless you already have one). We then upload all of this into Settled and create your advert. Once you’ve reviewed the pictures and are happy to start receiving viewings you can set your advert live on Settled and all the major property portals. You can easily arrange viewings at a time that’s convenient for you and can also change the date and time if something comes up and you can no longer make the viewing. If you want to re-arrange your photos, change your asking price or make any changes to your advert you can do this 24/7 by logging in to Settled. All changes made in Settled are automatically changed on all the property portals. Once you have accepted an offer that you are happy with, we create a memorandum of sale and get the legal side of the sale underway. We are there by your side every step of the way through to completion.

Why was Settled started?

Because we’re a team of people who are passionate about bringing the property market into the 21st century, giving more power to you, the homeowner, rather than a middle man. We also passionate about saving you money with our average customer saving over £4,500.

How much could I save?

Most high street estate agents charge around 2% of the sale price of your property as a fee. To put this into context, the average property in the UK sells for around £227,000 - if sold through an agent that would be around £4,500 in fees. Selling your home with Settled can save you £1000s and give you the added advantage of complete control & transparency throughout.

How long will it take to create an advert?

Creating your advert doesn’t take long at all - if you’re snappy, it can take a matter of minutes.

How long do services like photos take?

Depending on your availability, photos can be taken and uploaded into your advert within 2-3 days of you signing up. The same goes for the floorplan and energy performance certificate.

I am a buyer, can Settled help me?

Yes. As well as bringing you exclusive properties we have a variety of services available to buyers. These include the latest mortgage rates and access to the UK's leading independent fee-free mortgage advisors. You can also instantly compare the best solicitors from across the UK and find the most competitive in your area.

What if I’m using an estate agent already?

We’re happy for you to use Settled at any time - we don’t tie you in or make you sign a contract. If you work with another agent, you’ll probably have had to sign a contract. Some of these include a ‘sole agent’ clause which can mean that even if you sold through Settled, you may still be liable to pay the contracted agent a fee so that’s something to look out for.

How many photos should I have on my advert?

We generally recommend a minimum of 6 interior and exterior shots to ensure prospective buyers can gain a good insight into what your home looks like, but we provide you with 15 shots in total, so you're free to pick and choose your favourite ones. When our photographer comes out to photograph your home, they will take a variety of shots and pre-select the best 15, which will then be sent to post-production to be perfected. You can upload your own photos as well, if you wish, to have a total of up to 30 photos on your listing, but this is by no means necessary. Some people like to upload additional pictures of local parks and landmarks that aren’t captured when we visit your home to take our professional photos.

How are viewings arranged?

All prospective buyers are registered with Settled so that we know their individual buying status (which we will share with you ahead of you accepting a viewing). They will then submit viewing times that work for them. All you then need to do is accept your preferred viewing time and the viewing is then confirmed.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Any information provided to us is kept secure and is only shared with 3rd parties with your consent.

Do I have to add my own valuation?

You can either add your own valuation or if you like we can help. You will find that valuations tend to vary across agents and are best viewed as a guide. Because of this it’s important that you also do your own research and are comfortable with your asking price. To help you do this we’ve put together a simple step by step guide that allows you to value your home using the exact same tools an agent would. 

Do I need an Energy Performance Cert?

EPCs are a legal requirement for anyone selling a home so if your property doesn’t already have one you’ll need to purchase one. To check if your property already has an EPC click here and enter your post code. If not we offer EPC’s for £69.

What happens when I get an offer?

Some homeowners prefer to handle offers themselves, however if you would prefer us to handle this we’re more than happy to and there is no additional cost.

What happens when I accept an offer?

When you’ve received an offer you are happy with and have accepted it, we will prepare a memorandum of sale and get the legal process underway. If you don’t already have a conveyancer you can instantly compare solicitors from across the UK and find the best, most competitive solicitors local to you.

Can I arrange open days?

Yes, you certainly can. If you would like to arrange an open day for your home, place the open day information at the top of your description. This will be displayed on your listing across the portal websites. The potential buyers can then book a viewing as per the normal process but have a guide on the times of your open day.

Who can I speak to if I need help?

You can always send us an email to or give us a call on 0330 088 1422.