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Goodbye, stressful. Hello, calm and simple.

One-third of home sales fall through. And even the ones that make it, take an average of 19 stressful weeks to get there.

After helping thousands of buyers, we knew we could build a better path. We're on a mission to make moving more certain, with you in control.

So, you just have to smile.

Take the Settled Path

We'll have you moved in quickly, calmly and successfully.
Because you deserve better. Here's how:

An expert guide, in your corner.

From marketing your home, right up to the day you move in. Your Settled guide is there for you. Property, mortgages, legal - we'll keep everything on track and moving forward. Kind of like a home-selling wedding planner. Relax, we've got this.

Information upfront. Independently verified.

Searches? Done. Legal review? Yep, sorted. We gather all the information you need upfront, independently verified by accredited UK conveyancers. Meaning fewer surprises and the time-consuming details done even before you make an offer.

Fix your moving date much sooner.

We do everything digitally. Stuff gets sorted in seconds, not days. Everyone involved can work together and see what's happening. Molehills don't become mountains.

What’s included in the Settled Path:

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Settled Guide

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Upfront buyer-ready home pack

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Negotiation support

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Digital completion hub

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Pick your moving date

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Couldn't fault the service and would definitely use again!
Made all the difference in making sure we reached exchange successfully.

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Our customers have moved on

Superb Value for Money and Exceptional Service!!!
The team at Settled made the experience of selling seamless and pain-free! I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat!

Linda D

Settled is drastically changing
the way homes are sold

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We’re always here for you

Got questions? Hopefully, these will help you out. You can also check out our full list of FAQs here.

Why should I buy through Settled?

  1. You get an expert, on your side.
    You'll have a Settled guide who's with you from day one to moving day. They'll take care of everything so we can get you moving in weeks, not months. They've got your back.
  2. You get all the important information you need, up front.
    We sort the property information on every home on the Settled path, so before you even make an offer - the home is ready to go. It's independently verified by accredited UK conveyancers, so there are no surprises or time-consuming details.
  3. Which means you get to fix your moving date much sooner.
    We do everything digitally. There's no endless paperwork, no duplications and complete transparency. We get everyone working together so that the small things don't get in the way of the sale.

What does 'buyer-ready' mean?

In short, it's a home that's ready to be bought. Title, searches, even questions a buyer would ask have already been sorted - so everything can move forward quicker. We call this a home on the Settled path.
In more detail, we'll have:

  • The title, official copies and searches
  • A completed Property Information Form and Fixtures and Fittings Form
  • A draft contract - which is now simply awaiting a buyer to sign
  • Resolved any major enquiries that you would have as a buyer

After you make an offer, all you've got to do is:

  • Confirm the sale price
  • Pick your moving date
  • Verify your ID and funds
  • Manage your mortgage (if you're applying for or redeeming one)
  • Sign your contract!

What support can I expect from Settled?

Your Settled guide is with you from day one to moving day. If you have any questions or need any advice, they've got your back.

How long will my purchase take?

We don't make any promises with time, that would be foolish. We can promise to remove as many hurdles as possible that would usually slow you down in the traditional process. A perfect example is that we save you at least 4-6 weeks with our digitised forms. Win.

Will there be any costs upfront?

We ask you to pay an instruction fee of £350 to cover upfront costs (search documents, title documents, digital ID check). You'll pay the remainder when you move. If you don't complete the sale, you won't pay. Simple.

How do I know the property information is legitimate?

All external documents are provided by HMLR and independent reputable sources. All documents are underwritten and reviewed by external conveyancers.

Do I have to use your conveyancer?

We work with trusted conveyancers that have approved the Settled path. This means anyone we partner with will:

  • Be as dedicated as we are (which is 110%) to provide the simplest, easiest experience possible for our customers.
  • Accept all forms and checks you and the seller complete (yes, including the online ones).

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