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The Settled platform proactively
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Settled gets homes Buyer-Ready


Settled gets homes Buyer-Ready to
complete 8 weeks faster & make
the sale more secure.

How it works

1. Viewings
2. Buyer-Ready
& offers
3. Secure your
4. Get the keys
5. Buy with

1. Viewings

To book a viewing, you’ll create a Settled account & choose the dates/times that you’re free, which will be sent to the seller.

You can book viewings around your schedule & chat directly with sellers in the Settled digital platform.

You’ll be shown round the home by the seller - they know it best!

2. Buyer-Ready & offers

Unique to Settled, we get our homes Buyer-Ready to speed up the sale & reduce the risk of fall-through.

We start to collect & verify all property data (property forms, searches & buyer enquiries).

You can submit your provisional* offers in the digital platform.

Your dedicated support will be on-hand to help you with whatever you need.

Read more about Buyer-Ready

3. Secure your home

If your provisional offer is accepted, you’ll have 3 days to secure your offer by completing:

  • Your ID check, proof of funds & chain details
  • Pay your upfront fixed fee of £420 (inc VAT)
  • This is all done digitally, so it’s fast & easy, plus we’ll be there to help you
  • As soon as you’ve completed the above, we’ll take your new home off the market

4. Get the keys

You’ll choose a moving day with your seller.

We’ll handle the entire completion process.

Forms & contracts are digitised.

We’ll guide you & your seller throughout the entire process.

5. Buy with confidence

Buyer-Ready means we’ll have your new home ready to go.

We qualify all homes & sellers leading to fewer delays & surprises.

Smart & digitised contracts help speed up & simplify the process.

Step 1

Used & trusted by


First-time buyer

“I had no idea where to start, but Will from Settled guided me through it all. Even my parents were impressed!”


Experienced buyer

“Having one point of contact was great. No solicitor required - everything is done by Settled.”


Property investor

“I’ve bought many properties & it’s always been painful. Settled’s Buyer-Ready service makes it water-tight & I’ll continue to use them.”

Buying with Settled

Settled Rest of market
Average time to buy a home post-offer 12 weeks 20 weeks
Start-to-finish home-buying service yes no
Increased sale security with Buyer Ready yes no
Dedicated buying support yes no
Digital forms & progress tracking yes no
All legal work included yes no

This is what the Settled service costs

Paid upfront

fixed fee
£ 420 inc. VAT

Paid upon completion

fixed fee
£ 419* inc. VAT

A Buyer-Ready home is faster & more secure

Unique to Settled, we get homes Buyer-Ready by collecting property info upfront, which is verified by our legal partners. This speeds up the home sale, reduces the risk of fall-through & means you don’t need to hire a solicitor.

Buyer-Ready includes:

  • Collecting property forms
  • Conducting searches
  • Resolving pre-empted buyer enquiries

Common questions from buyers

How much will it cost to buy my house with Settled?

You’ll pay an upfront fixed fee of £420 (inc VAT) to serve as commitment to your home sale. You'll pay the fee of £419 (inc VAT) only upon completion.

What does Buyer-Ready mean & how will it help me?

We start to collect & verify all property data (property forms, searches & buyer enquiries) upfront with the help from the seller & our legal partners. The home is ready to go for you, speeding up the process & giving you more certainty in the sale.

Why don’t I need to hire a solicitor with Settled?

As part of the Settled service (+ fee) we cover all the legal work required to sell your home help from our legal partners. This means no external solicitor or conveyancer is needed!

How do I know everything you’re telling me is true?

After over five years of helping thousands of buyers & sellers, we’ve worked hard to create a unique service that takes you from day one to getting the keys which is better value for money than the rest of the market.

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