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You've been burned before, so why move again?

Posted by CJ on Friday 3 May 2019

“I tried not to get emotionally attached to where we were moving to.” - Amy, Settled customer.

Moving and dating really aren’t that different. Hear us out. You look for something new and eventually, you find the one. You invest your heart in it, despite the risk of it ending at some point in the future. Eventually, you hit a few hurdles and it collapses down around you. Your heart’s broken and you’re much less likely to do it all again. Cue a night of debauchery, a new haircut and comfort food.

Amy and her partner, both millennials with city jobs, were badly burnt from their first buying experience. As many of us have been. After just four years, Amy was ready to move again, but was wary, to say the least. Why do we move again and risk repeating history so soon after we’ve got settled? Amy revealed why and how she braved the risks over a bright pink, rose-flavoured latte from Cutter & Squidge.


Moving as millennial first-timers. It’s not for the faint-hearted.


“It was a nightmare. As first-time buyers, we were quite naive. After the exchange, we got told we’d complete 2 weeks later, so we moved out of our rental. But, we didn’t complete in 2 weeks, leaving us essentially homeless. We were moving into a new build and the works were just dragging on and on. I ended up in tears, crying to one of the builders pleading to move in.”

The millennials who manage to hop onto the property ladder are susceptible to stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil on top of their already crazy, chaotic lifestyles. Refinery29 describes moving as ‘a special kind of hell’ and judging by Amy’s experience, we would agree.

Viewings are ‘conveniently’ only available at 2.30pm on a Wednesday and your solicitor has a habit of calling you in the middle of company meetings. In a time where emails are following us home, ‘me’ time is mandatory and keeping up with your own social life is a challenge, put organising a move into the mix and it really is a special kind of hell.


No more heartbreak: learning from your past experiences.  


Coming from an estate agents background, Amy knew what to expect. But this process preys on everyone - experienced or first-time - it can still go wrong. What was their backup plan if it didn’t go the way they wanted?

“Our flat had served its purpose and we needed to sell to be able to buy. After four years, we wanted a traditional house with a garden, somewhere that wasn’t a new build. We were really careful to not take any risks this time around. If it went pear-shaped, there wasn’t really a backup plan apart from not to move. Having the dog meant it was difficult to rent anywhere while we waited for completion and my parents live too far away to commute into London.”

It’s all or nothing then, the ultimate ultimatum. Zoopla recently revealed that on average, Brits move every 23 years. It’s no wonder when you consider one-third of house sales in the UK fall through and don’t reach completion at all. After going through a bad breakup, you’re all the more cautious when it comes to the next one.

Amy told us that she tried not to get emotionally attached to their new home purely because she expected a disaster. It’s obviously a form of protection to not be burned a second time. After working with thousands of buyers and sellers like Amy, we knew that something had to change.


For certainty: swipe right.


“Alix, my Settled guide, was working in the background and I didn’t even realise - she had all the updates. She did a lot of hand-holding with our buyer too (who was first-time). There was an element of kindness there. After we’d completed and moved, our buyer invited us round for dinner at his new (our old) place, which was really sweet.”

Just call us Cupid… Connecting buyers and sellers is part of what we do. We’re aiming to guarantee 100% home sale completions by making homes buyer-ready. Buyers and sellers can fix their moving date much sooner and everything is transparent the whole way through. It’s as simple as it sounds. Sometimes all you need is just some good old fashioned conversation to get things moving! Which is why we created the Settled Path, to give people a love affair to last, not a short-lived fling.