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Settled Customer Story: Tom, Bristol

Posted by Jessica on Wednesday 27 July 2016

Here’s our latest customer review from Tom, who sold his 3 bedroom semi-detached house in Bristol with us. He saved a massive £4,140.


I personally believe that as the homeowner with your knowledge of the house, you are the best person to show people around and answer their questions
-Tom, Bristol




How did you feel about selling your home online before you discovered Settled?

I thought it would be the way forwards; these days when you shop you go to an online store before you look on the high street, so I was sure property was moving in that direction. When we came to sell the house I thought it was important to give online a try and see how it worked out.

How did it you get started?

The process was fantastic. I literally sat down on the sofa, filled out the online form to register the house and ordered an EPC in a matter of minutes. Within 24 hours I had a call from the person coming to do the photos, floorplan and EPC to arrange the appointment. He was great, he came along quickly and completed the job efficiently.

My wife and I wrote the property description over that 24 hour period and because of the ease of editing on the website we could get it exactly as we wanted in order to portray the great features of the house such as how light and airy it is - it was a really great way of doing it.  

How did the process work from there?

Once the property went live on Settled and all the property portals, we had bit of a rush! Within a 24 hour period we had nine viewings, the first one happening within nine hours of it actually going live. We then received an offer for full asking price the day after which was actually still within 24 hours of the property going live - it was amazing.

I found doing my own viewings was great. If you're using a traditional agent he or she has to invest enough time in your property to know enough about it - whether it’s gas or electric, whether it has double glazed windows, the type of boiler it has - all questions a buyer may ask. I personally believe that as the homeowner with your knowledge of the house, you are the best person to show people around and answer their questions.

settled customer review

What did you most like about using Settled?

What I liked most about Settled was how quickly everything worked but equally how in control we as the vendors were. With a traditional agent it isn’t always guaranteed that they’ll make the changes you want them to speedily. But with Settled we were able to make edits to the listing while it was live and when it was convenient to us. For example soon after the property was listed we realised there were three very good schools within walking distance of the property - something incredibly beneficial - and being able to add that in when you wanted to was so refreshing.

What would you say to people who are interested in using Settled?

Having experienced how quickly everything moved, it's confirmed for me that Settled is the way forward. Using a company that has such great customer service and gives you complete control over your advert has got to be the best way of doing it. I have already recommended it to many people as a result of my recent experience. For people interested in selling online, there is nothing to be scared of. Buyers like being able to visit the property and meet a homeowner who is warm and open and allows them to try and imagine him or herself in the property. Settled allows you to do this and gives you great advice throughout so there’s nothing to be anxious about.

How would you sum up your Settled experience?

I’d probably have to say the process is incredibly simple - it’s fantastic how speedy everything is and how you are in complete control from start to finish. I think it’s definitely the future in terms of how houses should be sold and I would recommend it to everyone selling their home.


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