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Customer story: Zoe and Mike, London

Posted by Jessica on Friday 2 September 2016

Zoe and Mike sold their flat in North London with Settled and saved over £13,000. This is their Settled story:

settled customer review


How did you find selling with Settled?

What we liked best about Settled was the step by step advice that we got through the process, because we realised that we’d never sold a house before and we didn't know what to do. But everything is laid out clearly on the website, it's so easy to navigate so easy to use. For example we didn't know where to find a solicitor, where to start looking for mortgages, but it’s all there.

How did the process work?

It probably took us 10 minutes to get all the details and write about our flat on the website and get it live. Within a couple of days we had a photographer to come round and take professional photos which was brilliant and I couldn’t believe that was included in the price.

As soon as we had it up Settled put it on Rightmove and all the property websites and actually within a few hours we had our first enquiry asking to come and look around the flat which was really exciting.

Throughout the process they were really good at communicating with us, they would send emails to see how we were getting on and if we needed any support.

How did you find doing your own viewings?

We found it quite easy to manage the viewings, it was just a question of messaging back and forth with those who were interested in coming to check it out. We just arranged a time that suited us which was good because it was before or after work. One of the things we enjoyed the most was showing people around the flat as we were really proud of it and it was nice that we could answer all the questions they had. The really nice thing was that we know this flat better than anyone so there was no one better to show them around.

Did anything surprise you about using Settled to sell your home?

Initially we thought there was more work that we were actually going to have to do but actually the process was much less stressful, because you’re not going back and forth with a middleman all the time.

We ended up doing the negotiation over our dining room table; the buyers came round for coffee before work and we spoke about it together. We even set up a Whatsapp group with them so if they had a question they could just send it to us and we immediately got back to them, whereas if you were going through a third party I can see how the process just drags out for so long. We would recommend Settled to everyone - it was so simple and straightforward.