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Budget House Improvements That Will Add Value To Your Home

Posted by Mark on Tuesday 19 April 2016

When you’re selling your home you might feel like it’s necessary to shell out lots of cash to make sure its looking its best for potential buyers, but with lots of other costs to consider for a move there’s no need to spend a fortune on home improvements. Here are six top budget house improvements that will add value – and real buyer appeal – to your home …. and without breaking the bank.


Facelift the front door

It’s probably THE single best house improvement you can ever make. First impressions count and a smart front door is a teaser for what’s inside. Think about painting your front door a bold colour – like bright red, blue, yellow or green. Polish the fittings till they gleam. Add some planters or a hanging basket filled with flowers for really top value kerb appeal.

Cost: Paint £10. Planters and plants £30.


Clean the carpets

This is a really simple, no-nonsense and totally cost-effective house improvement. Clean, bright carpets not only give that ‘new house’ look but give your home a fresh, well-cared-for smell too. 

Cost: About £40 a day to hire a carpet cleaning machine. Or call in a professional carpet cleaner for round about £100.


Brighten the lighting

Light, bright rooms are always much more appealing and oddly (though no one seems to know exactly why) always look bigger too. So replace your dark shades will lighter ones and fit brighter bulbs to boot.

Bright idea. Think about going for some sparkly new LED lighting, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. This will improve the green credentials of your home as well and can even contribute to a better Energy Performance Certificate.

Cost: £50-£80 on new shades and bulbs.


Blitz the bathroom

Bathrooms, as well as kitchens, are what really sell houses. You won’t want to splash out on a new one but a clean, fresh bathroom will never fail to impress buyers. (While a grimy one is likely to send them running for the door!)

So, scrub and polish the tiles. Scrape out and renew any grungy grout. Replace that slimy sealant round the bath and shower.

Cost: Cleaning materials £5. Grout £5. New sealant £10.


Transform your kitchen into a family kitchen

Family or living kitchens are one of the biggest home trends right now. Buyers, and not just families, are attracted by kitchens which are the heart of the home and where everybody can meet up, eat, chat (or even party!).

Here’s how to do it: Unless your kitchen is really tiny try and squeeze in a table and chairs or, better still, a trendy island unit. These make your kitchen much more than a place to do the cooking and washing. They turn it into a place people actually want to spend time.

Cost: Flat pack tables and chairs are available for under £100. Or buy a second hand one for a trendy vintage look. The even better news is that this is a house improvement you can take with you when you move.


Add space …. make your house bigger! 

Storage space is something else that sells houses, as somewhere to keep all their stuff is one of the first things would-be buyers look for. As well as clearing and decluttering cupboards (which won’t cost you a penny) here’s a neat little house improvement idea: Board out some of the loft and add a loft ladder. With an afternoon’s work you can add metres and metres of desirable, valuable storage space.

Cost: Under £100 for an inexpensive ladder and boarding. Look for online bargains